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I want to hear about the odds you are up against in any arena and brainstorm innovation solutions.

I join Daniel Pink, Seth Godin, Marilyn Schlitz, Neal Donald Walsh, James ‘Dea and SARK in being interviewed by Julie Ann Turner’s Conscious Shift Radio.   You can listen to my radically positive vision of education here.

I believe that Unity Through Creativity will beat the odds. Read more about how in my book:

I am captivated, and deeply moved by how simply, but eloquently, you are able to express your vision, compassion and understanding of the needs of our youth……….while reaching out to touch the souls and inspire the spirits of our teachers…”

Zara Babitzke, Founder and CEO of Ambassadors of Hope and Opportunity, which serves homeless youth in Marin County, CA.

You will find practical, confirming ideas in Beating the Odds Now! - Ten Simple Steps to meet the challenges we are facing. The steps are rooted  in neuroscience, the wisdom of Rudolf Steiner and the Dalai Lama, project-based learning, 21st century skills and arts integration. You’ll find powerful stories, cutting-edge information and inspiring images of what’s working and what’s possible.  There’s an Audio CD version now available, too.

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Here are young people who are beating the odds through their creativity.  Working with the Create Peace Project, we transformed the inside of their school into the outside!

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In these times of natural disasters, financial contraction, media overload, global division, family challenges and environmental degradation, please write your stories of the odds you’re up against and/or stories of your success on the blog. Now more than ever, we need to focus on what’s possible with the incredible ingenuity and heart of our creativity and collective wisdom. Let’s ignite the spark and start a fire.